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What is FitLifeDoc?

Enjoy an array of delicious meals with the convenience of Fitlifedoc. Wonder foods guaranteed to leave you feeling full and energized and geared towards promoting a healthy lifestyle while helping you reach your goals for healthy living, fitness and weight loss.

By using only wholesome and organic ingredients, we strive to make it possible to eat healthy, nutritious food without sacrificing flavour. We want to offer the highest amount of convenience to your life by preparing properly portioned meals and delivering them to your home or office


Behind the Vision

Avneet Bhatti

Living away from home and working towards my Medical Degree, I had gained about 60 pounds and had very poor eating habits. I felt lethargic most of the time and felt like a simple task was much harder to complete.I felt hopeless and knew nothing about the gym or what I should be eating, thus I began to educate myself on wholesome foods and the importance they play in preventing serious ailments.

Since obtaining my Medical Degree, I have spent endless hours in the clinic and hospital. One reoccurring theme that continued to grow and frustrate me was the level of preventable disease and suffering. I came to the conclusion that the main reason these patients continued suffering was due to a lack of understanding and education.During my education I began a healthy lifestyle not only educating myself but coaching and advising during clinical encounters on the importance of food and active lifestyle. After some time these individuals noticed a positive change in their health and really appreciated the advice.

I did some research and found that some experts believe that around 70% of human disease and suffering is completely preventable. That number is staggering especially considering the health care crisis going on not just in this country but in the world right now. My firm understanding of human physiology and medicine is helping people safely get off medications they have been on for years. I am helping people who thought they were far too busy to be healthy or eat healthy to being people who do workouts at lunch and before work because they become so passionate and energized about being better. Thus, I started FitLifeDoc meal prep to share what I have learned, which has led me on the path to maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle.


  1. Teriyaki chicken,brown rice & Vegitable stir fry
  2. BBQ chicken ranch bowl; lettuce,black beans,cucumbers & corn
  3. Dry chicken,quinoa,sauteed mushrooms & kale
  4. Tuna Patty bowl; lettuce,cucumbers,tomatos with homemade chipotle mayo





Lunch & dinner provided Monday-Friday

10 meals total; 6 delivered on Sunday & 4 delivered on Wednesday

Regular portion: $90/week

Larger portion: $100/week

Extra meals can be added as desired





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