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Success Stories

-Hanaa M


''I LOVE these guys with a capital L. I have never enjoyed a workout ever. Paul is amazing, he makes working out work for us. The staff is what keeps me going and motivated. I am seeing results and I feel good. There is no hassle or pressure like an ordinary gym. Roxanne is awesome friendly and SUPER nice to deal with. I've been coming here for 3 months now and have lost 20 lbs!

Thank you for being AWESOME''

Elsa K.


''Awesome workout, paul is a great trainer!!''

Christiana Wu


''Best 30 mins of workout! In and out of the gym so you have time for the rest of the day. Feeling like you've accomplished something good for your body. You'll sweat tons so great way to detox too.''

Joyce Lu


Completely addicted after going for a few weeks. I love how the workouts are different everyday and Paul's an awesome trainer! Super fun and encouraging yet gives you the challenge you need.

Heather Eady


Paul is awesome. He encourages you to do your best. He is super supportive!! The facility is very clean. If you are looking to try something new to get fit give this place a go.

Thank you for your kind words, Lisa! Very happy to be a part of your fitness journey!

Flora L


I bought the groupon deal and I have been going to Fitbody surrey for the last 2 weeks. It's a 30 minute circuit training class but it's a fullbody intense workout! You definitely sweat! You can double up classes if you're up for it or go twice a day. I've only doubled up a class once! I've only gone to Michael's classes so far but he's been a great instructor! The only thing the facility needs is more free weight options and an online booking system so you can prebook classes. Oh and please open up on the weekends!

Kiranjot Kaur


Glad I discovered this place! I have been going for 3 weeks now and have lost 5lbs! I have had Paul and Michael as instructors and they are both good motivators... The workouts are challenging, and 30 mins are up before you even realize it. It would be great to have an online/computerized check-in system, other than that, it's a great place to workout with others and get your day off to a great start!

Maria Esperanza


I love that classes at Fit Body vary each day. It is fast paced but only for 30 mins. You could also attend more than one class in a day. I would also recommend Paul as a trainer - he's very friendly, energized, not intimidating and his style of approach is assertive yet in a gentle way.

Facility is clean and well maintained. Staff are generally nice.

Ericka Stenstrom


I am so glad I was introduced to FBBC! The staff are very helpful and trainers Paul and Michael are challenging and motivating!! My schedule is always changing yet I make the time to come here for a workout. I love it and highly recommend it!

Melissa Tran


Been going here for a month and still look forward to coming every morning! The trainers make the 30 minute classes fun and motivating, definitely what I needed to break away from the same routines at the gym. Paul is great- very friendly, non-intimidating and approachable. I'd highly recommend joining if you're looking for something challenging yet still fun!

Roman velazquez


This place is awesome! It is great for anyone from beginner to experienced pros. The workouts are only 30 minutes but they produce big results! Paul and Michael are great trainers and Roxanne is super friendly and helpful. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Kayla Long


Just started a week ago, and been going everyday! Paul is great! He motivates and supports you to do your best to achieve maxium results. I find this way better then the gym. Before I would rather sleep then go workout. Now I get excited to go in the morning!

Geny Friesen


A fantastic workout blasted out in 30 minutes! 6am classes with Paul first thing in the morning to get you moving, sweating, and leave you feeling great for the rest of your day! The only down side is that I didn't sign up sooner! Best money I have spent on getting fit!

Lisa Yarske


I started FBBC to lose some weight and get a bit more in shape. I have lost weight. I am getting into shape. The best part of all of this is the community of FBBC. I like the classes, the challenge, the accomplishment, the camaraderie. The positive atmosphere make it easy for me to push through and meet my personal goals. Thank you FBBC for this life changing opportunity.

sharan bhathal


Very good.....I love it.
Never want to miss my class..

Cheryl Devor


Great workout - done in 30 minutes - excellent trainers!

Elsa Kalpidis


Awesome workout!! Paul is a great trainer!!



I love the feeling of strength, I can feel a difference in my shape even though it has only been a few weeks. Lots more work to be done though!! I am so glad I have found you and you had room for me in your classes. One thing I really love is that there is something different every class and a different theme every month. How Wonderful!! Thanks Ranj Sincerely.



FYI: I was at the hospital yesterday for a check and my blood pressure is lower than ever!!! Thanks for all you do and your awesome support – YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!



Ha Ranj..... Bet you didn't know how popular you are :o) Good on you to have such demand! Your gym is the best. Cheers, Your Senior Supreme Special Ms.Philippa

Dr. T


Hey and hi fearless leader; I would very much like a copy of the meditation you have been reading us. It is so well put....I totally believe our thoughts determine our state of mind. Lator gator, Dr. T


You should see me sitting her at my desk with a silly smile on my face while I read this. Tuesday WAS SO MUCH FUN! And you nailed it! I was sure I was going to drop and yes, I could have been a model for your body chalk line and yes, I kicked it up for the 8th round, and no, I didn’t hurt. Go figure I’m sometimes a little afraid of what you’re going to come up with next but I keep coming back for more! My Sport? You guys are my drug – body and soul Peace By the way Ranj, you’ll be thrilled to know that I can’t decide if my butt, legs, abs or chest hurts the most! Lol! depends on what I’m doing I guess! See you sat am

Roxane Jean


I tried boot camp 3 weeks ago to do something different. It’s Harder than I thought it will be and the instructor Ranj made the class fun and entertaining

Harpreet W.


I love it, it’s worth it! Not expensive for the amazing experienced trainers that work with me.

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