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Congratulations for taking the correct steps to healing your injury and reducing your pain.
If you are suffering from pain and joint stiffness, we can help you. Use our interactive Body Diagram or go to our Patient Centre to find out what we offer.

Don’t let pain stop you!

We can help you with:

– Worksafe Injuries
– ICBC/MVA Injuries
– Pre and Post Surgical Care
 – Hip Protocol
 – Total Hip Replacement
 – Knee Protocol
 – Total Knee Replacement
 – Shoulder Dislocation Recovery

We are experts in Joint care…

Our Unique Programs to help you:

– Healthy Back Program
– 100’s of Post Surgical Protocols
– Fitness/Reconditioning program
– Custom Training Routines for optimised fitness
– Digital Posture Analysis and Correction
– Laser Knee Alignment Analysis
– Custom Post Knee and Hip Surgical Care in our Cutting Edge Gym to help you recovery faster
– Functional Rehabilitation, Strength and Conditioning Tools

Call us now at 604-496-4325 to find out how we can help you today!