Operating under Pure Life Physiotherapy, the Newton Surrey Fitness Boot Camp is now officially OPEN!

Newton Surrey Fitness Boot Camp

We are so excited to launch our new boot camp program! Fit Body Boot Camp is the world’s fastest growing and most popular indoor fitness boot camp brand, with hundreds of locations worldwide. The boot camp’s unique brand of fitness combines individualized personal training from licensed professionals, clinically proven Afterburn workouts, and nutritional guidance to guarantee weight loss results. Pure Life Patients get a 1 week FREE trial! For more information about the program, click here!

Newton Surrey Fit Body Boot Camp is open Mondays to Fridays with classes running from 6am in the morning.


Here’s what a membership includes at the Newton Surrey Fitness Boot Camp :

  • Body Fat Analysis & Nutritional Consult
  • Free 10 minute consult with a Physiotherapist before or after your training sessions to consult about any
    nagging pains or aches
  • Exclusive insider newsletters providing you educational information that people usually have to pay for

Why should you join the Fit Body Boot Camp?

  • Gyms just give you access to equipment, we at Fit Body Boot Camp give you access to workouts that
    are designed to help you achieve your goals
  • We give you an accountability system to keep you motivated and coming
  • We have a licensed personal trainer and kinesiologist guiding you through all your workouts.
  • Our rates are no where near how much you would have to pay for a personal trainer!

Fit Body Boot Camp’s Unstoppable Fitness Formula workouts are designed to shed your unwanted body fat in the shortest amount of time possible while giving you maximum results under the supervision of the most qualified personal trainers!

Surrey Fitness Boot Camp Trial

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