British Columbia is home to many picturesque places and fun things to do. From beautiful scenery on walks and hikes to shopping and beaches.

We really do have it all.

Living in Surrey means we can walk along sandy beaches, explore the areas past and hike through trails filled with natural beauty.

But, if you’ve got back pain – then it’s tough (and sometimes almost impossible) to enjoy all that Surrey has to offer.

Just last week I had 3 people in the clinic call telling us their back pain had “flared up” AGAIN!

It’s not uncommon that we hear that these flare-ups mean activities and family days out have to be rain checked and put aside for another day…

…until their back pain goes away.

And it’s very unlikely it will go away on its own, and even if it does, it usually means it will flare up again.

Anyway, here’s 5 great things to do/see in Surrey (that many of our patients have told us they can’t do, because their back is so bad, they’re scared it will put them out).

1) Crescent Beach

Crescent Beach provides a great day out at the seaside with the whole family.

Near the bottom of the 101 Steps staircase is the 120 tonne Crescent Rock and a 6.5km rugged strip of shoreline runs to White Rock.

There’s swimming and beach volleyball for those who are active, or if you’re feeling like having more of a relaxing day, it’s an ideal place to have a picnic and grab an ice cream.

Or why not take in the scenic views from the pier or take a walk along the nature trails.

A little further away is Blackie Spit Park which has dedicated trails for walking the dog, with specific areas for dogs being off-leash.

2) Peace Arch Provincial Park

Travel through this beautiful and historic place on your way to or from the U.S and see Peach Arch which was dedicated in 1921.

It’s an ideal place to stop when crossing the border to enjoy a picnic and amazing views.

Have a walk around to see the views from all angles and there’s even a playground for the kids to keep them entertained.

3) Surrey Museum

For those days when the weather isn’t too great, Surrey Museum is ideal, especially to take the kids and have an educational and activity filled day out.

There’s always interesting attractions taking place, from Lego exhibits to Fire Fighter Shows.

Along with plenty of kid friendly exhibits and activities to keep them entertained and learning.

4) Watershed Park

This is one for those who really enjoy being outdoors and being active.

There’s dirt biking trails for beginners and also experienced bikers and trails for horse riding, as well as steep hills for those who like a good walk that can be challenging.

If you prefer to relax when you’re outdoors, there’s also salmon streams where you can relax and enjoy the scenery.

You can even take the dog for a walk and enjoy a picnic on the way enjoying a unique cocktail of nature, history and sports.

5) Guildford Mall

If you prefer to walk indoors, Guildford Mall is the ideal option.

You can enjoy a walk through the mall and shop to your hearts content while also stopping through the day to grab a bite to eat at one of the many places to choose from.

And that’s our little list.

If you’ve got back pain – a bad back that’s flared up, has come on out of the blue, or if you’ve been suffering for a while that it’s just become a normal part of your daily life – that doesn’t have to be the case.

Email us, call us, message us on social media to talk to us about your back pain.