Meet Our Team

Rajveet Kaur


Gareth Lam



I graduated from University of British Columbia with a Human Kinetics degree with a focus in Clinical Exercise Physiology. This stream had a large focus on functional anatomy as well as exercise prescription which align with my interest. My favourite past times outside of work include going camping with friends as well as playing all types of sports including snowboarding, hockey and ultimate frisbee.

I look forward to working with you, along with the rest of the team, to help you reach your goals and get you back to doing what you love. Additionally, I want to spend my time here learning and growing as much as I can with the goal of eventually returning to school for physiotherapy.

Kind regards,

Gareth Lam


Manvir Singh, MSc

Physiotherapist and Founder

For more than a decade, people have consulted with Manvir Singh looking for answers to questions about physical pain, stiffness, and general wellness. Manvir works with men and women aged 35-64+. He also researches and writes about physical medicine in his column in The Leader, The Voice, and appears on various TV and online shows.

Manvir previously worked with large institutions in the GVRD. Surrey, BC is now “home” where his practice has rapidly become one of the leading private Physiotherapy clinics, now with 3 locations.

Manvir’s expertise includes:

  • Joint manual therapy
  • Adjustments
  • Vestibular therapy specialty training
  • Advanced full-body IMS certification.

Suman Kaur

Chief Executive Officer

Safvan Bhatala

Safvan Bhatala

BSc Physiotherapy / Clinical Director

Safvan Bhatala is a Registered Physiotherapist in BC, Canada. He graduated from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science in 2011 and ever since he has been working with a variety of patients including but not limited to, ie; Sports & MSK Injuries, Degenerative neuro conditions, concussions, and vestibular conditions.
Safvan has worked in hospitals, Private settings, ran and directed acute facilities and home physiotherapy clinics.
in 2017, Safvan started working as a physiotherapist in Canada and has been running a private clinic as a clinic Director since 2019.
He is a certified Manual and movement therapist and is very passionate about helping patients overcome their injuries through a proactive and informed approach. Safvan’s expertise also includes Exercise prescriptions and active rehab, Custom made Foot Orthotics.
Whether you’re an office worker or weekend warrior Safvan enjoys working with a diverse population.
In his free time, Safvan likes to Play soccer & tennis, Hiking but most importantly his time is best spent with his beautiful family.

Nathan Snead

MSc Physiotherapist / Clinical Director

Masters of Physiotherapy (MSc PT)

Nathan has been working in the health and fitness industry for 9 years. After working as a Personal Trainer for 2 years he decided to take the next step in his career and become a Physiotherapist. In 2014 he Graduated with a MSc from Kings College London. He worked as a musculoskeletal therapist in North London for 6 years, focusing on a combination of workplace injuries, whiplash, and sports injuries. He also worked in the senior management team supervising a team of 7 therapists across multiple locations. Finally in 2020, Nathan decided to have another big adventure and continue his development as a physiotherapist in Canada. With a background in Personal Training Nathan believes that every individual has the ability to move well, be strong and be active and is committed to helping clients achieve this. He tries to focus on combining exercised based treatments with a range of manual therapy techniques in order to reduce pain and improve function.
In his free time Nathan loves to weight train, play a variety of sports and explore the great outdoors.

Wael Fawzi

Registered Acupuncturist

Harjeena Heer


I earned my Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia.

My degree provided me with a multidisciplinary perspective, allowing me to understand the intricate connections between human physiology, exercise science, and rehabilitation. This diverse knowledge base enables me to create personalized and holistic approaches to help my patients attain their fitness and health objectives.

As a passionate and dedicated Kinesiologist, I am thrilled to empower my patients on their journey to achieve their physical health goals. My expertise and enthusiasm are focused on enhancing the well-being of those I serve, guiding them towards optimal health and fitness.

Beena Nijjar


Justin Gadey


Disha Mevada


Education and Experience: I obtained my bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy from India in 2009 and had 5 years of experience in physiotherapy practice in India. I came to Canada in 2016; studied and passed the license exam and have had a memorable experience in the physiotherapy department at Langley memorial hospital. I also had a wonderful experience teaching and  Yoga and Wellness classes in India.

My Strength: My strength is setting realistic goals with my patients and help them to achieve them. My focus is mainly the needs of my clients, and I believe that the client knows their body best and by taking time to listen and communicate with them I can provide them exactly what they need. I strongly believe in the power of exercise and my treatment approach is mainly based on education and exercise combined with manual therapy and modalities.
My hobbies: I grew up mainly focused on studying along with cherishing the beauty of nature by hiking, tracking, swimming in rivers and the ocean. I enjoy my free time cooking for my family and friends, reading novels and listening to music. Dance, Yoga and meditation are my all-time favourite activities. Physiotherapy is exciting and challenging profession, and I am always keen to expand my knowledge and skills.

Shabnam Bebji


I was practicing as a registered physiotherapist in India for about 6 years. I hold a bachelors degree from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, India. I am skilled at applying manual therapy techniques, sensory integration therapy, cupping therapy and handling various musculoskeletal cases, neurological cases as well as pediatric cases. I have upgraded myself to hold license to practice as an Interim physiotherapist in Canada and selected Pure Life Physiotherapy Clinic to work with. Pure Life Physiotherapy has a great flow of patients and has excellent success rate in giving good quality care and service to patients. I always wanted an opportunity to work with a passionate team and serve the society with my knowledge and skills. I am glad to be a part of this team now. I am a friendly person and loves cooking, experimenting with new recipes, exploring new places to travel and spending time with my pets.

Twincy Rajawadha


Meet Twincy Rajawadha, your dedicated partner in health and mobility! With a rich background encompassing 5 years of hands-on experience in physiotherapy, I am committed to enhancing your overall well-being.

My journey in this field has equipped me with a deep understanding of musculoskeletal conditions. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing chronic pain, or striving for peak performance, I bring a wealth of knowledge to assess, diagnose, and tailor effective treatments to your unique needs.

Amber Malaacachi


Riddhi Shah

Riddhi Shah


education: Bachelors in Physiotherapy from Maharaja Sayajirao University, India 2015.
currently registered with CPTBC.
She worked in India at a public hospital as well as several outpatient clinics since her graduation and has been working in the field of physiotherapy in Canada since 2019.
Riddhi strongly believes that movements help people get better, her treatment approach includes understanding a patient’s concerns and goals and tailoring for them a combination of manual therapy, exercises and education.
She holds a certificate in advanced vestibular/concussion rehabilitation, manual therapy, yoga instruction.
Her interests besides physiotherapy include yoga and reading books.
Pavan Cheema

Pavan Cheema

Client Care Manager


Mohammad Dazham


Diploma Sports Science – Douglas College
BKIN with Psychology Minor – University of the Fraser Valley
MSc Physiotherapy – Queen Margaret University – United Kingdom

Purelife’s ethos was what really attracted ME. AIM – Achieving Improved Movement – is extremely important. In a field where passive modalities are often over utilized, Purelife strives to work in a patient-centered manner to address the needs of every patient specifically. My future goals include continuing to progress within the team with the goal of working as a registered physiotherapist in the coming months.