Group Medical Service Plans

Designed to be fun, effective, and affordable. Each Group Medical Services Plan includes 10 1-hour sessions over a 5-week schedule.

Why a 5 week boot camp for common musculoskeletal pain?


For those who are experiencing pain (particularly sub-acute relenting pain), focusing on spine and joint-healthy habits can reduce or eliminate pain. And for those who do not have pain, the MSP program can help prevent future occurrence.

Studies show dramatically lower knee pain treatment costs (41% lower) for many patients who participate in medically supervised early intervention
programs. Since your health care benefits may not provide for preventative services or extended courses of elective physiotherapy, we created this unique Boot
Camp series.

Designed to be fun, effective, and affordable, the program is 10 1-hour group sessions over a 5 week schedule. Each session begins with 10 minutes of education
followed by medically supervised exercises, and concludes with assigned home exercise.