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Here’s what a Fit Body Boot Camp membership includes:

  •  Body Fat Analysis & Nutritional Consult 
  •  Free 10 minute consult with a Physiotherapist before or after your training sessions to consult about any nagging pains or aches 
  •  Exclusive insider newsletters providing you educational information that people usually have to pay for       

Why should you join the Fit Body Boot Camp?

  •  Gyms just give you access to equipment, we at Fit Body Boot Camp give you access to workouts that are designed to help you achieve your goals
  •  We give you an accountability system to keep you motivated and coming 
  •  We have a licensed personal trainer and kinesiologist guiding you through all your workouts. 
  •  Our rates are no where near how much you would have to pay for a personal trainer! 

Why work out at our Pure Life Performance Gym that operates Fit Body Boot Camp?

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How do our 30 minute Afterburn workouts help you?

Success Stories

-Hanaa M


''I LOVE these guys with a capital L. I have never enjoyed a workout ever. Paul is amazing, he makes working out work for us. The staff is what keeps me going and motivated. I am seeing results and I feel good. There is no hassle or pressure like an ordinary gym. Roxanne is awesome friendly and SUPER nice to deal with. I've been coming here for 3 months now and have lost 20 lbs!

Thank you for being AWESOME''

Elsa K.


''Awesome workout, paul is a great trainer!!''

Christiana Wu


''Best 30 mins of workout! In and out of the gym so you have time for the rest of the day. Feeling like you've accomplished something good for your body. You'll sweat tons so great way to detox too.''

 (778) 762-3357