Knee Pain Solutions

What you need to do if you experience knee pain.

This patient guide is a free resource provided by Pure Life Physiotherapy & Health Centre

About this booklet:

manvir singh

If you are suffering from knee pain then you have come upon a very important resource for determining what exactly to do with your problem.
Unfortunately many people like yourselves suffer or endure from years of knee pain before finally doing something about, or more importantly ‘can’ do something about it. Wait times for scans such as MRis take up to and beyond 6 months. In that time there is a whole lot of waiting, and the pain and dysfunction will not have resolved automatically.
This is why this booklet has been made for you. We encourage you to use the information in this book to take steps to getting better, rather than just putting up with the pain.
Most importantly I will emphasize that if you do have any type of joint pain, be it the knee, the spine, or the hip, it is vital for you to have a Physiotherapy assessment.
An assessment will educate you about the Do’s and Don1ts of your injury, provide you with exercises for self-care, and determine if you are a candidate for hands on therapy techniques that can reduce or diminish your pain.
We hope you use this booklet to take charge of your health, rather than wait around for someone else to do it for you.
Most importantly, you will be pleased to know that you will be close by to some of the most respected health care professionals in our town. Knee and Hip surgeons are available for consultations within the same building as our clinic.
If your injury requires further investigations and consultations with a specialist, they are only a few steps away …

Yours in Health,
Manvir Purewal MSc. PT