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Meet Our Trainers

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Callea Roque
Callea RoqueFBBC Trainer
I’m a huge fan of mixed martial arts and have trained in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kick boxing, and MMA. I got involved with Newton fit body boot camp when I wanted to motivate and teach others the importance of exercise and healthy living. I want to ensure that all clients not only get a good workout in, but build strong relationships with our trainers and fellow clients, that they can utilize outside of the gym. My key tip for anyone starting out on their fitness journey is to be consistent and have a balanced diet. Some of my favorite exercises and muscles to workout are quads, by doing barbell squats with a 3 second hold at the bottom for a full burn out.

LeahFBBC Trainer

I studied group fitness through BCRPA. I was an avid boot camper for
over a decade, and through the encouragement of the FBBC trainers, I took my passion to the next level.
I love creating fun workouts that incorporate different equipment, one’s own body weight, as well as
partner work. My favourite exercise is the push up because it is functional, incorporates all the major
muscle groups, and besides, who doesn’t want the bragging rights? Hey? I very much enjoy sharing my
joy and enthusiasm for fitness with the clients. One of my most rewarding days was when a stressed out
client came in with no motivation to work out. After a bit of encouragement she joined in and by the
time the class was over she was smiling and laughing. She even stayed for a second class.

BillyFBBC Trainer

I am a trainer at Newton Fit Body Bootcamp. I am a sports enthusiast and heavily participate in combative sports such as wrestling, boxing, jiu-jitsu & MMA. Competing at a high level in sports is where my passion for fitness began and from there I have enjoyed sharing that passion and knowledge with other people. My goal is to provide effective, high energy workouts incorporating a variety of exercises, I believe consistency is key and I am here to support you every step of the way!

Sandeep Aujla
Sandeep AujlaFBBC Trainer

I have been training for about 4 years now. It all started with my athletic background – I am a former athlete who played 4 different sports, but unfortunately as I got older my responsibilities grew which limited me from being 100% committed to playing. So, I turned to the gym where I taught myself how to perform all the basic and complex movements, and eventually transformed my body and took my fitness to a level I thought was not possible. That change inspired me to want to help others with their fitness goals.

Working with clients one on one, I am big on correcting form and ensuring that all clients are performing the exercises in a safe and effective manner, to limit the risk of injury and to maximize the benefits of the exercise. I take pride in not only helping clients reach their fitness goals through an effective training regimen, but also motivating and coaching during and outside of training time. With my extensive experience, related education and passion, I have what it takes to take your fitness to the next level. If you train with me, you’ll know that the squat is one of my favorite exercises. It is a functional movement that we perform on a daily basis and it defines strength, it is a movement that I like to focus on.  I hope I get the opportunity to train with all of you!