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Q: I have pain in my neck and back since my car accident, but I am also experiencing pain in my arms and wake up with numbness in my hands in the mornings. I haven’t been told why this is happening and nothing seems to work! What is this and what can I do about it? Thanks.
A: Hi, it is very common after an accident for individuals to experience pain or numbness in either one arm, and although less common, not unusual to have pain in both arms as well. This is due to a compression injury that results in swelling in and around the structures surrounding the shoulder. Essentially this swelling (that you can not necessarily see), results in compression of the Nerve. In order to make a determination as to the source of the symptoms it is imperative that you undergo a Physiotherapy assessment which will rule out any obscure causes and point you to the cause of the symptoms.

Q: My Doctor says that I have Osteoarthritis and there is ‘nothing I can do about it’, is this true?
A: Hi, at Pure Life Physiotherapy we have fantastic information and education resources for you to understand your pain and discomfort. Realize that many cases of mild – moderate OA can be significantly improved. Pure Life Physiotherapy will easily assess your pain issues and determine if Physiotherapy is appropriate for you.

Q: For the past 2 months I have been experiencing pain in the shoulders that doesn’t seem to go away. I have tried massage and it provides temporary relief, is there anything else I can do for it?
A: Absolutely! After a thorough examination we can determine whether the problem is related to soft tissue, nerve, or joint related. Physiotherapy is about getting to the ‘source’ of the symptoms and determining what is going on. If you are having muscle imbalance issues for example we will be able to work that out through corrective exercise which may be able to provide you the ‘long term relief’ you are looking for! Call us today at 604-265-6095 to book a consultation.

Q: I have been experiencing tingling and numbness in my arm since my accident. I went to do a massage and it made no difference, what can I do?
A: This is a question for a problem that we see far too often in our practice. The situation that you are describing sounds a lot like there may be some amount of Nerve involvement related to your injury. Unfortunately, this often goes undiagnosed. There are a variety of Physiotherapy screens that can help determine the root of the problem, and various Physiotherapy treatments that can help resolve the problem as well!