Personal Training

Personal Training & Rehabilitation

Have you been recently injured and want to return to the gym or other activity to lose weight and get in shape?

Have you considered hiring a personal trainer but weren’t sure because they may not be familiar with your injury, or WORSE, can injure you further?

We can help you! Our Physiotherapists, Kinesiologists and Personal Trainers are highly trained in both Rehabilitation and Health & Exercise training.

What to Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight & Get In Shape

1. Avoid Quick-Fix Pills, Drinks and Powders – The FTC has the following tips for consumers who are interested in weight-loss products or programs:

Products and programs that promise quick and easy weight loss are bogus. To lose weight, you have to lower your intake of calories and increase your physical activity.
The faster you lose weight the more likely you are to gain it back. Experts recommend a goal of about a pound a week.
There are no miracle weight-loss products. Be skeptical of products and programs that claim they can keep weight off permanently. Be skeptical about exaggerated claims.

2. Over Promise, Under Deliver – The FDA investigated 300 weight-loss ads from the radio, television, the Internet, magazines, newspapers, e-mail and direct mail. The FDA report concluded that some ads promised significant results without surgery, diet or exercise. Other companies claimed that taking their product would be enough for a quick weight loss. There was no need to eat less or diet. Just take these “Magic” pills. No such pill exists!

The main frauds: Manufacturers promise that their pills will deliver spectacular results without any effort or exercise, and this no effort and no exercise claim resonated with the consumer’s emotions. As tempting as this may be, avoid these products at all costs.

3. Fad Diets – FAT CHANCE – Many promoters of dietary schemes would have you believe that a special substance or combination of foods will automatically result in weight reduction. That’s simply not true. To lose weight, you must eat less, exercise more or do both.

The Path to True Weight-Loss

There are about 3,500 calories in a pound of body weight. To lose one pound per week, you must consume about 500 fewer calories per day than you metabolize. Most fad diets marketed as the “Next Big Thing” or “The Ultimate Solution”, if followed closely, will result in weight loss as a result of caloric restriction. But they are invariably too monotonous and are sometimes too dangerous for long-term use. Moreover, dieters who fail to adopt better exercise and eating habits will regain the lost weight — and possibly more, due to extreme shifts in their metabolism.

The ONLY real ultimate solution is a lifestyle of proper eating habits and consistent exercise, using a program designed by a licensed Therapist. Although a legitimate provider like me cannot promise you ten pounds in ten days, I can promise you a pain-free life full of health, wellness and vitality.

Even though there may be plenty of false promises and misleading wellness solutions, there are also plenty of dedicated and knowledgeable therapists and clinicians available to help you with your exercise needs.

To discover how you can get started, call us today at: 604-496-4325 or 778-564-7873.