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Kneecapping discomfort can be the bane of your life– specifically if you’re an active person with a desk job. If you invest hours every day operating at a work desk, climbing up staircases, or running around playing sports, knee pain is most likely to approach you quicker rather than later. Thankfully, there are numerous means to decrease the threat of developing knee pain and handle it when it does appear. A physiotherapist will be able to customize a personalized treatment plan for you that targets the details source of your discomfort and also minimizes its reoccurrence. In this blog post, we share some top ideas on just how to eliminate knee discomfort once and for all.

What exactly is a physiotherapist? And what can they provide for me? Primarily, they are healthcare specialists that concentrate on treating people that have experienced an injury or strain somewhere in their body– like your knees! A physiotherapist will have considerable training as well as experience in helping clients recover from injuries or stress. They may additionally be certified in particular areas that make them even more qualified than general practitioners to deal with those conditions. Simply put: if you desire assistance dealing with knee discomfort, see a physiotherapist!


Physiotherapy for knee discomfort and injuries

Physiotherapy is one of the best treatment methods for taking care of chronic pain and also injuries. It permits you to treat your condition in a focused and also reliable fashion, without the need for drug or surgical procedures. According to research, physiotherapy techniques such as decompression therapy, manual therapy techniques, balance training, and massage therapy provide great benefits than self-management for people with knee joint inflammation. Physical rehabilitation supplies a unique combination of physical treatments as well as exercises that can assist you to reduce discomfort, restore flexibility, as well as go back to everyday tasks. While numerous treatments are concentrated on discomfort alleviation, they can also be made use of to deal with the underlying root causes of knee pain.


Common Reasons Resulting in Knee Pain

  • Joint pain caused by joint disorders
  • Arthritic patients
  • Auto-immune disorders
  • Neurological conditions
  • Bone malalignment
  • Abnormal bone structure
  • Neck injury
  • Structural deformity
  • Poor posture
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Muscle tightness causing muscle pain 


Therapeutic Exercises

1. Stretching workouts

Stretching is a must-do when you aim for knee pain relief — and it’s a lot more crucial if you’re recouping from an injury. Research studies reveal that individuals that stretch routinely have actually minimized discomfort and also enhanced adaptability compared to those that do not extend at all. There are two major sorts of stretches you can do to ease knee pain: static as well as dynamic, as well as your physiotherapist can prescribe the best ones for your one-of-a-kind problem.

Static extending involves holding your muscles in a lengthened placement for about 30 secs. You ought to feel a mild stretch in your muscle mass, yet no real pain. Dynamic stretching includes moving your muscle mass via a series of movements over some time. You should feel an enhanced stretch in your muscular tissues, together with a mild pull. Both kinds of stretches have their benefits, yet vibrant stretches are especially beneficial for knee pain. They can assist you to loosen rigid joints, improve your general flexibility, and also rise joint variety of motion.


2. Reinforcing workouts

While extending is important for lowering knee discomfort, enhancing the surrounding muscles is necessary for long-term administration of the discomfort. Strong muscular tissues offer stability as well as support to your joints, helping them to execute far better as well as decreasing the possibility of pain and injuries recurring. According to a review of studies, a mix of aerobic exercise and reinforcing exercises is one of the most effective ways of managing knee pain. Low-impact workouts such as swimming, biking, and making use of an elliptical device are excellent for strengthening muscle mass without overwhelming your knees. Again, your physiotherapist can educate you on the best exercises to reinforce your knee muscular tissues.

If you have suffered from sports injuries or any other type of injuries you should stay clear of high-impact workouts such as running until your knee has healed. Exercises to enhance your quadriceps (the muscles in the front of the knee) are one of the most effective ways to minimize knee pain.


Dry Needling

Dry needling is a kind of acupuncture that includes inserting a slim disposable needles into trigger points. Triggering factors like little knots in your muscle mass that causes discomfort and decreased mobility in the affected area. Dry needling can be used to deal with all types of bone and joint conditions, consisting of knee pain. 

Many studies show that dry needling is equally as efficient as electrotherapy for dealing with knee osteoarthritis, with fewer adverse effects. Dry needling is usually used as part of a diverse treatment strategy. It’s not a stand-alone treatment– though it can be efficient when combined with other therapies.



Acupuncture is one more treatment that is significant to deal with knee pain. Like dry needling, acupuncture consists of putting small needles right into the skin at precise points on the body. The study reveals that acupuncture can reduce discomfort and boost knee joint features in individuals suffering from knee injuries. Acupuncture has very few side effects and also is a common therapy for managing knee pain. It can also be made use of in conjunction with other therapies.


Knee Brace

If you struggle with regular knee discomfort, a knee brace is a terrific method to safeguard your knee and stop injuries from persisting. Knee braces can be found in a variety of types as well as materials, and also there are various kinds to pick from. A knee support can help soothe knee discomfort as well as support the knee in individuals who are recovering from an injury, have osteoarthritis or have had a joint substitute.



Knee braces are common initial port of call for managing knee discomfort, however, lots of people have reservations about their usage. Taping your knee is a much less invasive method of taking care of the pain and also can be just as reliable as a knee brace. Many studies have shown that taping the knee can significantly minimize knee pain and boost knee features in people with knee osteoarthritis. It can be used alone or in a mix with other treatments.



Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Excitement (or TENS treatment) is a non-invasive therapy that can be utilized to reduce pain. TENs machines send out electric pulses to the skin and also promote the nerves. This decreases swelling and aids to take care of pain. TENS equipment is usually used for short-term pain alleviation, such as after an injury. Some study reveals that TENS equipment can be reliable at handling knee discomfort, though more research study is needed to determine its long-lasting results.



Knee pain can be an actual pain in the neck, however, it doesn’t have to be. By adhering to a couple of easy suggestions provided by our experienced team at Pure Life Physiotherapy & Health Centre Surrey, you can keep your knees healthy and pain-free. And also if you are suffering from knee pain, you can use the above mentioned suggestions to minimize the pain and also return to your everyday activities asap. 

In other words: if you desire help handling your knees, call us today! And keep in mind: knee discomfort can be dealt with, so do not let it rule your life!