natal care

Pre & Post Natal Care

natal care

Pregnancy brings about many changes in your body. With each trimester the ligaments slowly lax and muscles stretch making it common to experiencing pain and discomfort in your back and body. Your muscles and ligaments are further stressed during the labor making it essential to prepare your body for this experience.

How can we help with your pre and post natal care?

We will explain and show you the importance of:

  • Pelvic floor Muscle retraining- for weakness and incontinence issues
  • Core muscle strengthening- for back pain and fatigue issues
  • Fit ball training- for strengthening and improving stability
  • Correct toileting advice- for effective voiding
  • Correct positioning- for better sleep and comfort

We are here to educate and provide answers for you about your pregnancy and the labor experience. We assure knowledge to better understand your body and all the changes that occur so you are ready physically and mentally for this experience.