Active Rehab

Active Rehab — Athletic Training & Rehab

Have you been injured in a car accident in the last 6 -18 months and have a nagging injury that doesn’t seem to go away? If so, we have the right services for you. We can help you take part again in your favorite activities with a customized Active Rehabilitation program. Active Rehab integrates customized, progressive exercise programs that aim to help each person realize their sporting—as well as work and life—physical performance goals.

Our athletic assessments are guaranteed to help you determine game readiness and return to sport.

We have worked with a variety of local individuals, athletes, and clients like yourself to make day-before decisions to clear our clients for competitive events like the Tough Mudder.

No matter what sport or activity you practice, come and see us, and we would be happy to consult you on your return to work and sport needs.

If you play: Ice Hockey, Football, Soccer, Weightlift, Cycle, Run & Climb.
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What is Active Rehabilitation?

It is called “ACTIVE” rehabilitation because YOU will be responsible for this part of your rehabilitation process which can take place only after the completion of the initial healing process. At this point of your recovery, you’ll be required to take part in exercises and activities that will effectively assist your full recovery and enable you to return to your pre-injury lifestyle as soon as possible.

Before Beginning Active Rehabilitation

Before our highly trained and experienced physiotherapist and Kinesiologist can develop your customized Active Rehab exercise program, you will have to undergo a comprehensive assessment. This assessment includes a postural screen, tests for muscle imbalances, and a Functional Movement Screen to assess seven basic movement patterns in order to identify tightness and weakness. The information collected from these tests will assist your clinician to prescribe specific corrective exercises which will be part of your Active Rehab exercise program.

How does Active Rehabilitation Help?

Active Rehab will help you regain all your fitness abilities and skills that were affected by your injury. In other words, your customized program will help you develop your strength/power and muscular endurance, along with your flexibility, balance, and coordination. According to sport injury experts, if you want to completely recover from an injury, it is vital that you keep active instead of resting as many physicians may advise. The injured area needs to receive adequate blood flow to recover properly and effectively to put an end to the painful symptoms you experience. What’s more, by keeping active, you’ll also activate your lymphatic system which cleanses the body of the toxins that start to collect after an injury.

However, you must always keep in mind that when you are doing any sort of exercise or activity, you should stop if you feel pain in the injured area. It’s normal to feel some discomfort but if you are feeling pain, it is a warning sign that you are doing something to aggravate the injury and perhaps even causing greater damage.