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Manual Therapy, Trigger Point, & Dry Needling

While manual therapy has been well-known for many years, there are many people who don’t realize that muscle pain and restricted movement can typically be relieved with a variety of manual therapy techniques under the care of a licensed physiotherapist. More and more physicians in Surrey, BC now recommend trying manual therapy treatment before prescribing surgery.

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Can you benefit from intramuscular muscle stimulation (IMS) techniques?

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Manual Therapy Surrey, BC

Are you looking for relief from muscular pain and impaired movement? In addition to manual therapy, Pure Life Physiotherapy & Health Centre offers physiotherapy, acupuncture, and kinesiology in Surrey. When you choose Pure Life Physiotherapy & Health Centre you can expect high-quality, personalized service from start to finish.

The physiotherapists and kinesiologists at our practice are not just experts at finding the cause of discomfort or pain; they also devise a professional rehabilitation plan for you, as well as a personalized pain prevention plan that you can implement at home or at work. Let us know your concerns and we’ll help you find solutions.

You shouldn’t have to worry about getting therapy. Just call us to get started. No more scrambling between practices with different specialties. We have all the therapies needed to get you on your feet again. It’s easy: no more scheduling conflicts and frustrations.

Surrey, BC Certified Manual Therapy

Many people are constantly on the go. This continuous motion damages your body and can impair your ability to move. Sooner or later, you may experience muscular pain and soreness. Whether you are experiencing pain in your back, neck, shoulder, knee, or anywhere else in your body, we can help you feel better quickly.

We know you want a manual therapy clinic that is accessible, trustworthy, accomplished, and fun. Pure Life Physiotherapy & Health Centre makes every effort to exceed your expectations.

You can trust Pure Life Physiotherapy & Health Centre with your aspirations regardless of whether you want an assessment, a full treatment plan, or to avoid reinjury.

Since 2014, we've been trusted by patients

Pure Life Physiotherapy & Health Centre Surrey has provided manual therapy services since 2014. With over 240+ Google Reviews and an overall rating of 4.8*, we have serviced thousands of satisfied clients. Thanks to our expertise and dedication, we have helped thousands of clients reach their goals.

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