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Pure Life Physiotherapy has changed my life. I fell at work in 2010, I was told I needed surgery on my dominant right shoulder. After my Bank-art repair surgery, I was told I needed physiotherapy to rehabilitate my arm to have it not stiffen up on me. After an OR2 program that WCB set up for me, I was told I had plateaued and was to return to work. However, I would not be fit to return to my previous job as my shoulder was no longer strong enough to perform the physical demands necessary. So I was re-trained as a heavy equipment operator. During training I endured yet another injury on my right shoulder. I needed something to regain a positive attitude to help strengthen my shoulder. After visiting with the physiotherapist at pure life physiotherapy, I knew I had found the positive environment necessary to recover. Manny has shown me how to regain a hold of my life by using various techniques with bands and exercises to build muscle and strengthen my injured shoulder, not to mention the positive energy I take with me after each and every visit. Pure Life Physiotherapy & Health Care has the newest most innovative and cutting edge therapy devices and rehab equipment in the most beautiful new facility, it stands in a class of it’s own.

R S.

Manvir is an outstanding physiotherapist with a very well trained & dedicated staff that will use the latest equipment and techniques to go the extra mile to make sure that you see dramatic improvement in your condition; no matter what it is that ails you. Many doctors and medical professionals attend this clinic to get better – I can’t think of a stronger endorsement than that ! The facilities are brand new, very high end and always clean. The Bottom Line is: if you want to get better, then Pure Life Physio is the best clinic to go to – if anyone is going to get you better, its their staff – I highly recommend it !

william b.

Excellent. I am a two year customer. More than happy to leave a 5 star rating. I use the RMT to fix my back injury.

jag J.

I didn’t expect this clinic to be as wonderful as it was, It blew my expectations out the roof. It had an amazing atmosphere, and I felt like they genuinely cared about my health. Aside from the great environment, I feel the therapists there are very knowledgable and help spend that extra time with you until you feel satisfied. I would definitely come back here, when and if I need any type of service they offer through there practice.

Lyn G.

All the staff members at Pure Life Physiotherapy are very kind and welcoming. They really make you feel like part of their family 🙂
I would highly recommend seeing Venkat- very friendly, knowledgable and funny. He is also very attentative with what you say in regards to new pain onset. I also would recommend seeing Simon, had a few sessions with him and he was very informative and polite. Both physiotherapists carried out different techniques to aid with my rehabilitation process and I thank them both for the improvement I’ve undergone.