Whiplash or Back Injury In A Car Accident

A car accident is like an earthquake…
it can bring an abrupt stop to your active life.

An abrupt stop in the form of whiplash or a back injury.

And, you have to say bye-bye to your active life, sometimes you end up on bed rest until you are given a green light to move again.

When you have the green light to move again, you immediately want to get back to your normal lifestyle and physical activities (including exercise).

But WAIT! You might still be at risk!

You still worry…

“What if I get hurt again?”

Don’t worry. Pure Life Physiotherapy is here to help you eliminate the risk of getting hurt again so that you can return to your active life – whatever “active life” means to you.

7 “surefire ”signs you haven’t fully recovered from whiplash or back injury in a car accident

Use the following 7 signs to know whether you have fully recovered from your car accident injury:

  1. You continue to experience consistent neck and back pain upon waking
  2. You experience stiffness and are unable to move as you normally would
  3. You have received acute forms of care but not Active Care thus far
  4. You want to return to sport or work without pain or risk of re-injury
  5. Pain occurs post activity and tends to persist
  6. You are still relying on pain medications
  7. You are feeling hopeless about your pain ‘ever going away’

But, how do I get the green light to get back?

You should visit your therapist (Physiotherapist or a Kinesiologist) to be sure the injury is fixed.

What if I haven’t recovered?

At Pure Life Physiotherapy (in Surrey), we use Initial assessment – a thorough test of seven basic movements – to reveal tightness and weakness from the car accident injury.

We can tell whether you can get back to your active life or you are still at risk based on results of this assessment.

We Guarantee our assessment results.

What do I do if I am still at risk?

 If you are still at Risk, we use Active Rehab to get you back to normal.

What exactly is Active Rehab?

Active Rehabilitation is a customized program that helps you achieve your physical goals – whether it’s getting back to sports or active work/life.

Alongside Physio treatments, we give you a set of exercises and activities that you perform on your own to get back to your normal life.

Active Rehab in Surrey will help you develop strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and coordination.

WARNING: If you feel pain while doing anything physical, you should stop and get that injury looked at. If you don’t, you could cause more damage to the affected area.


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